Lisa Sloan, PHD

Deputy Director, Pride Center of Staten Island

A non-profit professional working on behalf of Staten Island’s LGBTQ+ and allied community.

What’s your SI story?

I was born and raised on Staten Island. I left the Island to pursue higher education, and returned in 2016 to work at the Pride Center of Staten Island. There was no LGBT community center when I was growing up on the Island, so I was really energized by the idea that I could do something for the LGBTQ community in my home community. I currently live in New Dorp with my wonderful wife and our two dogs.

What makes you so passionate about the work of the Task Force?

I work on the Task Force to honor the memory of James “Jimmy” Zappalorti. In 1990, Zappalorti, a Staten Islander and disabled veteran, was murdered because he was gay. Advocacy efforts by the Zappalorti family and LGBTQ Staten Islanders resulted in stronger protections for LGBTQ people across New York State.

How far do you think we've come with this conversation?

I think that we have come so far, but I also think that there is more work to be done. Loving the Other is a dearly held value, but it needs continuous reinforcement. I look forward to reinforcing that idea in meaningful ways with my colleagues on the Hate Crimes Task Force and in the Staten Island community.

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Lisa Sloan, PHD

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